Hey Stupid Comics Fans! What’s going on? It’s been a while since anyone even cared about this site! Now it’s actually being used (for the most part)! But enough about that, today’s update is a special treat to all of you guys who have been wondering why the hell I didn’t update on Wednesday. Simple answer? PUB NIGHT! Yes I actually managed to make it there. How bout that? This comic was kinda thrown together on the bus ride home, and marks a new way of doing the comics. Unfortunately because of my many school classes and assignments, Weekly stupidity will no longer be in colour. I know, sad but true. Oh well, enjoy it in all it’s Bumpyness. In other news, this Site is still under MAJOR construction, so only a few things work. The things that work? About me, Ask Megalomaniacon, News, The Punchline (Now featuring every Punchline EVER!), and Contact (Up top.) Links is also up, but none of them work. Everything else just links you to the old site or just plain old isn’t done yet. Anyways, Enjoy if you must…actually, you must! You MUST ENJOY!