What up y’all? It’s been almost a week since I started this site with all the fun things on it. As of now, there’s still a lot that’s missing, and I’ve been working for several days into the wee hours to get this stuff all done. Today, you can laugh and be amazed as the following things have been updated in the last few days: The entire run of Weekly Stupidity has been archived, including the new Gummy guest comic. The links now all work. Check em out if you wish.Also, the Main character’s section is up as well. The old forums can now be reached via the Fan Feedback section, but unfortunately they all show up in the window. Apparently there is no way to escape this site. I’d ask “Neongene” how to fix it but uh… well… that’s what today’s comic is about. Speaking of comics, there will be one today, tomorrow and Wednesday. There will also be one on Saturday! I’m a Machine! Also because I got bored, I decided to review something. so there is now stuff in the review section.Trust me, reviews is gonig to soon become a favourite page for all of you once it gets going. FOO-TON!!!! That’s all for this week folks. Be sure to check back Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday for new comics