Done? Okay! What’s all that fancy crap mean exactly? It basically means, that from now on, Fridays will be special project days! All the comics you saw on tha list and more like them will make their premieres on this site on Fridays. Remember Megalomaniacon? Well he’s coming back, with better art and a modified story (90% the same). Same with Mojo Gear! I’ll be taking out most of the confusing plot elements and adding in more humour. Unfortuneatley, some characters will be getting cut (come on, I have 38 characters!) Also, all Mojo Gear sequels and prequels will show up there as well. But what about Wolvermike Vs.Gumbit? That’s still coming. No worries. Basically, Fridays will be for whatever the hell I want, sometimes a picture i drew, or a webmastas comic I threw together. Whatever. Mondays and Wednesdays will be business as usual, you’re dialy dose of random idiocy, in the style we all know and love. But that being said, I hope you all enjoy Fridays from now on… The comic for today is up, but with a twist