I’m Sure you’re all glad at that. First of all, I apoligize for the lateness of my update, I’ve been doing homework and fighting with my brother for the computer all day. lAnyways, there’s a new Comic, Punchline, and Review, (of Kill Bill). AS for the comic that’s going to be posted on Friday? Well, we’ll just keep that my little secret for now. Would you like a clue? Sure! All you need to do, is go vote for the site by clicking the big yellow button up there. As soon as you Vote, you’ll be rewarded with a character Sketch of one one of the main characters from Friday’s comic. If you can’t figure it out, well that’s just tough cookies, but you’ll get another hint on Wednesday with another character sketch . That’s right, I know, I’m teasing you but I mean I gotta get votes somehow, and more votes = higher ranking, and higher ranking = more people interested and coming to the site. In other news, starting today, the Monday/Wednesday comics will now be less grounded in reality. In other words, I will actually go and do things that I’d like to do, and doesn’t nessessarily happen to my everyday life. Another major addition to the comic will be ongonig storylines. You got a hint of that with the whole award plot thread a few weeks ago. Also new, there’s a new desktop background to be found in the gallery, based upon the epic Mojo Gear Solid series. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! For more on that, see the punchline and comic! That’s all for today, see you soon!