Like the semi new look? Thank Neongene for that. Man this makes me happy. Also note the new Buzz Comics logo. Feel free to use it and VOTE. Moving on, Friday’s comic was late, but it’s up now, in addition to one more for today. YAY! Also, I thought I’d treat you to a pseudo punchline. It’s not a Punchline so much as an article I did for Say What, back when it wasn’t on life support. I still had em laying around so I figured I’d use em. I got a second one for next week, so it’s a nice break from my Punchline hiatus. Enjoy that. Also, check out the new forums! CHECK THEM! They’re addicting, and the reason for the latness of today’s update. In addition to that, check out the new gallery page, and new character pages will be up soon.