There’s the new comic up, which continues the storyline I started last Monday about Trevor and the bus stop. That one should last about two more weeks. It’s funny though, because 90% of the comic is based on true happenings! HOO HA! Anyway, I’m hard at work on a lot of things right now so be prepared for LATE UPDATES! I’m sorry but that’s how it’s got to be, I really need to catch up on school work. I’m not saying right now that I WILL be missing updates, but this is just a warning. Anyways, there’s the second of the Say What stories which can be found in the punchline section. Also, there’s a new reward for Voting. Another look at a new comic. Anyways, other than that, we have a new affiliate here at the site that affiliate being Phancy pants. There are more to come but look for them in the link section. Also, there are new link buttons in the downloads section, and I have a new desktop background on the way, so watch out for that. That’s all for today. BAI!