The new Comic is up. Monday’s comic has been recoloured for your viewing pleasure. Also, SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! What does that mean? It means MEGALOMANIACON IS BACK! Not today unfortunately, but starting next week I go back to my original format of weekly stupiditys on Mon, and Wed, and Megalo comics on Fridays. YAY! In other news, I was surfing around at Buzzcomix today and found possibly the greatest review of all time. So with that in mind, I thought I’d tip my hat to the writer in appreciation with a link to his site. At some point when I get some time, I’ll toss a link your way in the links section, but as for now I have things to do. Thank you for that reivew. I don’t know how long ago you wrote that, but it brightened my day. And since I seem to be shoot ing links out in all directions, how about one to Dave, as thanks for getting me to the train station. Also, there’s a new voting image, so go vote! MY RANKING IS HARDCORE FALLING!The new Comic is up , but i was pressed for time and it’s a little unfinished. There’s a new Review for you all here. Other then that? Nothing’s new. Although I did fix a few glitches in various places on the site. La la la la la.