It’s here! It’s here! TEH SUPAH CHANGE is here! First off, go here and see what the change is! Then, go here and read what the change is all about! Then, go here and look at the new complete Character Bios! And then, Go here and look at all the new stuff in the downloads section. And when you’re done doing that, you can go vote! There’s sketches of how the change came to be and sneak previews at character designs yet to come on both Buzz comix and Top Web. An every update there will be new pages of sketches for you to see! YAY! Anyways, you have a lot to see and do today, so you better get crackin. ENJOY!
Have you read today’s comic? If not go now, I’ll wait…. Back? Great! Okay, so here’s a stupid bullet list of the changes.
- NEW TITLE! – Weekly Stupidity is gone! I realize that being no longer weekly, this title makes little sense, therefore, eliminated. Henceforth the comic shall be known as Mike’s Stupid Comics, the title of the site, which up to this point hasn’t been on a blasted thing
- NEW ART! (Sorta) – Basically the new art is the same style I use on Megalomaniacon and other things, but since It won’t be coloured for these comics, I can put insane levels of detail in the panels. Gone are the days where a cityscape is a sign in the middle of a white space. Also, this style is SO much better at conveying emotion. Since there’s some big emotions on tap this will be helpful, and I can also take a more cinematic approach to the storytelling as well. But like Today, Neongene will occasionally drop a guest colour job in.
- SEXES! – I’ll be the first to admit that women never looked quite right in the previous style. In this style there is an unbelievable level of difference in guys and gals, so there’s never any question as to a character’s gender.
- INDIVIDUALAITY! – The old style had a problem with similar hairstyles. If two characters had a similar hairstyle, they looked like the same character. In this style, I can put more detail into faces and such thus eliminating situations where the same character appears 5 times on one page. (Not really the same character, but you know what I mean. I hope) I had people thinking Dave D and Rob were the same character.
- MAMMOTH PLOTLINES! – In the old stuff, a storyline was 3 or 4 comics on the same theme, this time a storyline will last a lot longer (10 to 20 comics a storyline!) and they will all tie into each other! So if I was to say get punched in the face in one story, I’d have a black eye in the next story, or if someone said something really important in the story, that would carry through until I decide to end the entire series and move on to bigger and better things. Trust me, this won’t happen for many years to come. I have many many stories I wish to tell.
- DRAMA?! – Yup. Although comedy will still be the main focus of the series, I want to introduce a few more serious undertones into the comic. There may be a few comics without jokes here or there, just because the subject under discussion may not be funny. Comedy is no longer the main point of this comic, Story is, and come on, it just wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t funny. Basically I just wanted to see if I could write a story that keeps people interested long enough that they keep coming back.
- NEW CHARACTERS – Not many though. I realized I have like one girl in the comic… that’ll change. Oh and any character to appear in the comic only once have been wiped from continuity. If they are coming back, they will come back in a storyline of some kind. Example, look for the grand return of Dave Corston (one of the reasons this comic even exists) to make his grand return. Another thing, don’t expect all these characters to be based off real people. I can have more fun with them that way.
- NO CONCEPT OF TIME IN THE WORLD AROUND IT! – Liked the Holiday storyline with me and Gummy? Too bad. Seasonal stories are out the door! Although there may be the occasional out of continuity �Happy (insert Holiday here)!� comics. Time will pass as I see fit, and because if the length of the storylines, don’t be surprised if it’s a while between season changes. And characters will age differently than in real life (if they’re based on real people of course).
And that’s about it. I can’t think of anything else that needs to get tossed in there for your notice. You’ll see it if it shows up. So hopefully this is going to be a great thing and a new era in the days of Mike’s Stupid Comics. It’s nice to have you all along for the ride.