Oh man. What the hell happened there? I was even pronounced dead. Well I’ll tell you even though I don’t understand it fully. I think that there was an error in the billing with Neongene and or service providers so we had to pay for about 10 months of service all at once. YAY. So now we’re both poor. because that was money we didn’t know we’d be spending. Anyway, the site was gone for almost 10 days, and I didn’t manage to make a comic? Before you lynch me, I’ll let you know why. I was working on a mirror site that will be at Keenspace…er genesis thinga bober. Yea, so that will go up as soon as I get an e-mail back from them, so next time the site goes down (let’s hope not) I’ll have a back up site to keep updating at. Also, I was drawing up the remaining character bios for the site. There’s a few I still need to do. So the first new comic will be on Friday, so look forward to that. I’ll try to have something else with it also. A bio of bg or something. SO if that’s the case See you on Friday.