HOLY FREAKING CRAP NEW SITE! Isn’t it sweet? I’m very pleased with how it turned out. And it’s so much easier to update to on my end. Which to me, is the most important. The comic is now front and centre, so it’s easy to know I’ve updated. Also, Trevor will be able to post his own news here as well. If his blog is any indication, you may not hear from him that often. I’ll have to make him. Also, there’s a few bugs in the site at the moment, so I please ask you be paitient during this time while we get things up and running.
So that’s the good news. The Bad? This is the last Monday Update for a while. Then, this Wednesday? Last Wednesday Update for a while. That’s right. I’m cutting it back to 2 updates next week. Why? The foremost reason is a project I’ve been putting aside for way too long. Also, I just need the time. As my skill increases, It’s taking more time to make a page look nice, rather than rushed all over the place. You understand yes? Good. Glad that’s settled. See you Wednesday.