Man. There’s a number I never thought I’d see. I’d never had a comic last more then 40 pages before. So needless to say, this is one HELL of a landmark. Oddly enough this pages marks the end of the Paintball saga that’s been going since like January (trust me, it goes much faster when you read it now). So there’s a few short scenes and then CHAPTER KA ENDED. Lots of big changes in store for the next chapter. Lots.
In other news, there’s another comic done by me if you like to see it. I did a guest comic over at The Last Days of Foxhound. There’s also a Desktop I did for him too in the Downloads section of that site. So to all those Foxhounders who came over welcome! Hope you guys look around and ejoy what you see. As you can see here, we’re big Metal Gear Fans here too. Be warned though, we just changed the layout of the site so none of those pretty links on top of the Nav bar there work. It’s a work in progress (that I asked a certain someone to fix *cough* Trevor *cough*

Also, it came to my attention that numbers on the site have been WAY down since we changed the layout, but I’m pretty sure it’s because people were all going to the old “latest” page which no longer exsists. So I put up a little redirect for everyone so If you’ve been seeing “site not found” all week welcome back.

Busy day it seems. Busy Day. Remember everyone I’m back to updating TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS again. If you forgot I talked about it in my news post Wednesday . So I will see you on Tuesday. SPECIAL PROJECTS COMING SOOOOOOON. SOOOOON.