GEEZ. It sure has been damn nutty lately. Friday I can’t update because of rolling blackouts. Saturday I get 200 degree soup poured on my hand and can’t hold a pencil without being in intense pain. Sunday I throw a pool party for my friends at work and it pours rain and barely anyone shows up despite the fact the rain clears up an hour before the party is supposed to start. Then while cooking hotdogs for the few that did show, the barbeque flares up and burns the hair off my right arm. Later on, a bunch of people I didn’t invite show up and make a big mess and a hell of a lot of noise and I have to kick them out. Then today my internet conks out unexpectedly. After fighting with it for and being on hold for with my ISP for a while, I unplug the modem and then plug it back in. Instant internets. I Hang up the phone and post this comic. HOPEFULLY THIS MEANS ALL MY TROUBLES ARE OVER.
I’ve gone back to using blue pencil to do my roughs. Makes me wonder why I ever stopped in the first place. Makes for some great looking art. I especially enjoy Mike in panel 3. Why can’t I do that good forever?

Oh and Phil Kahn is going to sue me or something in regards to the theft of his intelecual property in the last post or something to that effect. BRING IT KAHN! SHIT BE ON!