Yo. The pencil of blueness comes through again with some fine looking art. I’m gonig to have to go to Curry’s and stock up (Curry’s is an art store… duh). It would seem that the secret project is close to coming to fruition. Not close enough that I would set a date, just close. Trust me.
Big congrats to Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies on his recent blessed union of unionness (he got married *cough*). I “met” Joe a while back in the Phancy Pants Forums. Seeing as how we only chatted on the message board when Phancy Pants folded he and I didn’t see each other much. I wonder if he’d remember me? Bah. Either way he’s got a quality comic with great art and awesome movie commentary and you should be reading it. READ IT.

Also, NetherOak is over. Finished. The story is Kaputz. 4 years worth of awesome art and great story is sitting in one place waiting to be devoured. I’m surious for one seeing as I’ve been reading since the late 100s to see how the comic flows as an entire Piece. Dave was the first webcomic artist I ever made friends with (oddly enough in person first before online. In maybe 99.9% of cases it’s the opposite) and hos work actually greatly influenced my own. That influence can still be seen today, and there’s tiny tributes to him and his body of work all over the place and I even made him a minor/major character as tribute. He’s consistantly been my number one traffic provider and professional confidant. Most of all, Man’s been a good friend.

From the ashes of NetherOak comes NETHEROAK.COM! Home to Dave’s new projects and art. Also neat, he linked me by name, not by comic name. There’s something kinda classy about that.