Ugh. Panel 5 makes me sad.
In other news, I’m going to the Toronto Fan Expo this Sunday. If you can find me on the show floor I’ll reward you with a sketch. I don’t expect to be found (because I’m like mo fuckin’ Waldo), but hey, that’s be cool wouldn’t it? I’m going with the real life Rob and possibly meeting up with Razi. Most likely we’ll be hitting up Artist’s Alley for a while.

File this one under you never know who’s watching.

I was browsing around some websites, mostly wikipedia articles about Mortal Kombat when through one of the links of a link, I found the craziest thing. What started out as a Sonya Blade appreciation page became much more, because someone pointed out to the real Sonya (a retired model named Kerri Hoskins) the thread’s exsistence. So Sonya started posting. Antics ensue. I think that she handled it really well. Go Sonya!

Be warned though, some of the pics posted are of an adult nature (aka – nekkidness). Turns out Sonya did a playboy spread or two. Go Figure. Here be the thread.

Like I said, nekkid Sonya o Riffic. I think I just some guy’s 1996 with that link.