Howdy. So Comic con was a bust. I must say I was really dissappointed with the con. The selection was crap. There were a few highlights. Seeing Razi in person for the first time in over two years. We even documented the meeting, with photos I will have at another time (not my camera). Joking around with the actor who plays Donut on Red vs Blue about how stupid it was to just stand and stare at their booth and look at what they had for a good five minutes even though I knew long before I even came to the con I was buying volume 4 and get it autographed. Buying a used copy of Twisted Metal Black, a great game that I really missed playing. Finally the last highlight was getting Volume 3 of Scott Pilgrim, an awesome book. I was kind of hoping that Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator, would be at the con in the artist’s alley. Alas, he was not. Razi likes to hold over my head he has all three books signed. Bastard. The few pics taken to come in time.
Also I start school tomorrow. Weird saying that considering I just graduated a few months ago. Wish me luck.

And a final note, I am once again doing the strips for the Mohawk Paper. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication (ie none) the first strip will not make it into the first paper, but the second.