Is it just me or do I never post a commentary on Fridays? Anyways, if you hit the back button there you will see the Megalomaniacon Public Service Announcement. Roomies! Yay! I know that the promise of a New Megalomaniacon page made some people really happy. I tweaked his design slighty. Just to see how it might look. Not that much of an improvement. I guess more tweaking is in order.
Anyway, enough about the past, onto the future! Or… the past rather. The current scene is a flashback! Yay! Who’s flashback is it? When’s it take place? STAY TUNED. A funny note, I almost did all Flashback in the classic big eyed style. I mean the Supah Change was canon after all. Why did I srop that Idea? DRAMA. The first flashback, (that being Rob telling the history of Dave) was kind of serious, and sadly would’ve taken away from the seriousness of that scene.

There is also a cameo of Al Creed from The Cultural Reveloution. Mullet and all.