Thank you very much my friend for this guest comic. Your noble scrifice will not be in vain. Wait what?

Any Thanks to Razi for the third entry in his series of awesome guest comics. Part four of this masterful epic will be seen on Tuesday.

What about me? The guy who’s supposed to be drawing the comics around here? I’ve been building a buffer so that I don’t fall into this “make a comic, month passes, make a comic, month passes” BS that’s been going on around here as of late. I shall return with a comic in a week’s time, then new comics will follow after that at the old regular Tues-Fri update schedule.

So what have I been doing since I graduated college? Working. A lot of working. Between going full time at the old job, then going to one shift a week because I started a new job and a whole bunch of fun fun personal things I don’t want to get into, things have really been hectic for me.

There may be a new monthly comic coming to this site that will be running in a magazine. there’s some bugs to be worked out though before anything can be official.

Oh, hey, anyone who draws comics think they can teach? Like at a college level? For a lot of monies? Drop me a line and I can hook you up with a gig (maybe)…