So here it is. A Title Page. You’re probably saying “This is the big thing he wanted us to see?” Well sort of. This is the first thing I wanted you to see. I felt really bad because I wasn’t able to do an Anniversary comic this summer like I’ve done in the three years previous, so to make it up, I came up with this idea. It’s a Non-Canon short story featuring some of the More… fictitious characters from regular MSC continuity. The best part? It’s going to UPDATE DAILY from now until Christmas Day. Fitting I think because the last page of this comic takes place on Christmas Day. Where’s all the Demon Castle yackity smackity come in? Check back daily to see. Oh hell who am I kidding? Look at that cover, It’s Freaking Castlevania. Everything you see on this cover comes into play in the story. Well… Except the Moon. The Moon stays pretty neutral.


Catch you Tomorrow!