Trust me when I say I wasn’t really planning on it being THE FOLLOWING Sunday when I said Sunday Update. What Can I say? I’ve been really busy, I just started a job at an honest to goodness real life radio station where I’m getting paid. No volunteer work for me! So I spent a lot of the last week training, and working. And working at both jobs. That’s right, I’m STILL at Hortons a few days a week. Ugh. No wonder I’m so busy. Trevor also is finally back from Japan. He and I spent a good chunk of Friday together before the storm hit, which was nice since I haven’t seen the guy since… oh May of last year or so. I did a few other things for the site too. Like what? I put in one of those favicons up in the address bar there. And there’s actually some content to look at in the Gallery. If you saw the gallery in the old site, yeah, most of that’s there, but there is some new stuff in there, including new fan art and a new section about a comic that was never produced. More Content should be coming in the coming weeks.