Hey guys. I figured I’d post this right away so no one was wondering. Yes, this is in fact the LAST APPEARANCE of Andrea. Ever. To tell the truth, this just shows one of the flaws in basing your characters on real people. In reality, the inspiration for Andrea and I haven’t talked in a very long time. I know how this comic is ending -yes it does have an ending but at the rate I go it’ll be a while before I get there- and to be quite honest, I could have written to the end of the story without mentioning Andrea ever again and made no changes to it. So I decided to take her out. The only reason I brought her out one last time was to give her storyline some semblience of closure (and it was a 3 year old unanswered question at this point). It was actually extremely difficult to plan this scene, because I knew I was writing the character out. This is evident in the ham handedness and abruptness of some of the writing throughout. Writer’s block and life have been keeping the comic down, and I’m no where near where I wanted to be by this point. Hopefully, things can move on a lot smoother from here on out because I have scenes coming up that I’ve been looking forward to writing for YEARS. I’m also looking at a way to get more updates onto your screens in the coming weeks. Unfortunatley it won’t take effect until August if it goes through, so try and be patient.
Thanks for reading.