Hey look at that. Things are on the go as planned. Let’s keep that up shall we? This is actually the last scene in the party. The party that’s gone for like… two years. Ugh. Apologies for that. Sometimes life just gets in the way and sometimes you just can’t get things to work in on the page the way it’s planned in your head.

I’ve actually been going back and reading through the archives. Looking at things and debating fixing some of the major errors. Be they spelling errors or out of character moments that irk me or just sequences that could have been explained better. But then there’s the part of me that says Let it be. What was has been.

Meanwhile, in other me news, check out TWiG or This Week in Geek. It’s a fun little site and there’s a chance that I may become a contributor in the near future. I will of course keep you posted especially if you follow the Twitter.

I would of course link to all these things, but the posting thing seems to keep having heart attacks when I post actual links. Bah!