Hey all. In case you are just joining us hold on one second, I’ll get to you in a moment. As for all you regulars, here’s the deal. As of 11:30 or so last night Mike’s Stupid Comics began appearing on comicbookdaily.com. Very exciting to be sure. If you check it out you will notice the first comic they’ve posted is a bit old. Okay, it’s really old, but this I felt was the best jump on point. Seriously, look at the comic on your right. Would you know what the he’ll was going on from that? Nope. So going that far back gives enough backstory without going back too far. So what does that mean for you the msc faithful who has read everything up to this point? Nothing. It’s just another place to read MSC. That said I highly reccomend checking out comicbookdaily as they are a good bunch of folks who just happen to know a lot about comics.


If you’re just joining us from comicbookdaily, hello! Welcome to msc. Don’t be shy, make yourself at home. Feel free to look around. As you can no doubt surmise on the big number at the bottom of the first posting there’s a lot that happened before where you guys are getting on. Feel free to read back through the archives and learn all there is to know. If you don’t have the time to bother with that there’s the character bios and story synopsis. There’s a lot of content here you’ll only find here like in the archive section there’s like 100 extra comcs lying around. Please enjoy. Or don’t enjoy. Whatever floats your boat. I’m pretty easy going.