Hey all, been doing some work on the website. If you look now there’s a button that’ll take you to my twitter now. Why do that? A few reasons.


One – Hyperlinking doesn’t work for shit on these newsposts for some reason


Two – I can’t post an actual twitter feed widget on the page without it being some kind of mangled mess along the side of the site.


Three – I was sick of having a button that links to nowhere. The forum’s been gone for a while.


All of these could be fixed fairly easy by Trevor the webmaster I’m sure, but since I don’t pay him and he has better things he could be doing that involve money i don’t see those problems being fixed anytime soon.


There’s other little things too you may not notice. But hey, if you actually follow the twitter you might notice something missing because I posted it on there! Good times. Anyway, that’s all for now.


Maybe I should start looking into version 4.0 or something.