Hey everbody! It’s an all new look for Mike’s Stupid Comics! Yes it’s in a bit of rough shape, but that’s why it says “beta” up there. I wanted you guys to see so badly it I put it up before it was done! HA! So what does that mean for you? well now that we’re on comicpress it makes it so much easier to update for me, and you guys can comment on every single strip if you like! Also, there’s a lot better archiving system at play so it’s easier than ever to access your old favorites!

Also, if you missed the announcment on The Untitled Mike & Laura Project (my new podcast? Tell me you’re listening! Click the link on the right if you’re not!) I am now the owner of mikesstupidcomics.com again! So that means there will be a lot easier address to go to for the site! Though don’t go there yet. Internets law prohibits me from moving the domain to my servers for another 50 days or so. So just wait it out!

Anyway, please enjoy your stay as we all journey forth in the new ever changing face of Mike’s Stupid Comics!