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  1. Chris

    Hi there, just dropping a line to say I just found your comic today and spent all morning at work reading through the archive. Awesome story and art, can’t wait to see where things go. :)

    • Mike Laidman
      Mike Laidman

      Hey thanks man, always glad to hear from new readers :D

  2. also named chris
    also named chris

    What that guy said, haha.

  3. jaheira

    haha MGS reference! that’s how I originally found your comic, by the way; when you did that guest comic for Last days of Foxhound. in like, 2006? I think. been a fan ever since. keep up the good work! :)

    • Mike Laidman
      Mike Laidman

      Thank you sir! I love hiding little references like that in the strips. It’ been a long time since last days of Foxhound. dang.

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