There you have it. That’s the ending. Hope you all enjoyed it and are happy with how things turned out. It has a nice little tribute to probably the most popular image in the entire comic. I found it to be fitting.

There’s a lot of people to thank,  but before we get to that I present Mike’s Stupid Eulogy:


So what is Mike’s Stupid Eulogy? Basically I sit down with Phil Kahn (more on him in the thank yous) and we talk about some behind the scenes stuff from the decade plus of MSC. Hannah is one of the only main cast members not based on a real person. So where did she come from, and who is she based on? Which characters were never supposed to appear again and came back because of fan popularity? What was the original planned ending? Is the Shirt actually dead? All that stuff and a lot more is in there, so please enjoy this look back. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope it is for you too.

Anyway, Thank yous! Let’s get started:

Lengthy list of people to thank. First of all, thanks to everyone who let me use their likenesses over the years. Especially the main cast. So thanks to Trevor, Kris, Rob, Graeme AKA Gummy (Yes he’s a real person), Razi, Andrea, Kristie, Niki, Sandy, Justin, and of course, Dave without whom there could be no villain.

Thanks to Trevor for letting me draw your dork face and for all your web wizardry over the years. MSC never would have been online if it wasn’t for your suggestion. No hard feelings about letting the domain name get grabbed by scalpers. I got it back eventually ;)

Thanks to all my comic friends whom over the years for their advice, inspiration, and the occasional guest page. Razi and his insane guest saga (will we ever see the end?), To my fellow Biscuiteers from the old Biscuit Press Days. Phil, thanks for giving MSC a home on your site for many years throughout all my website troubles. Thanks to the rest of the BP Crew, Lee, Sam, Alex, Annie and Larry. Thanks also, to Dave “Twentyfour” Rigley, Ronald MacKinnon and Isabel Marks.

Thanks to Marion Coffey for the Mike’s Stupid Manga art. Everything you drew was always beautiful, Hope you’re well.

Thank you to MOTU gang for being the motivation to this final leg of the comic. Nothing motivates you to get a comic finished like the threat of shame haha. Looking forward to working with you guys on future projects.

And last but definitely not least, my lovely fiancee Laura for all her support. I know that sounds like a super generic stock bullshit thing to say but really, she’s a hefty chunk of the reason anything gets done around here. One day maybe I will be able to see my art through your eyes, but until then I’ll just be over here thinking everything could be better than it actually looks because I’m my own biggest critic. Love you.

If you’re looking for something to read now that this is over, why not plug all my friends? Nepotism for the win!

While not a comic to read, David Razi produces a video series called Technical Dave which chronicles his journey through Art School and such. Since we met at college, I pop into some of the episodes from time to time.  I also appear in his long since ended webcomic NetherOak, which he seems to hate  acknowledging but I was a big fan of. All that and he has a new comic that he posts on occasionally called Maps.

Phil Kahn, the Lord of Biscuiteers himself writes a comic called Guilded Age. It’s a great fantasy adventure webcomic with a fun twist that comes later that you won’t see coming. Also, he’s a member of the Super Art Fight roster. Go Commando!

Lee Cherolis, also of the Biscuit Press gang is the artist for the gorgeous Little Guardians. A Fantasy Adventure webcomic about switched at birth youths living each other’s lives and the all the problems that switched destinies can bring.  Also he’s in a band.

As for me? What does the future hold for me? A fantasy adventure webcomic. No I’m kidding. I’m taking a break to draw a children’s book with my fiancee. From there, I do have a new comic idea I’d like to pursue, but it’s still needs some time to gestate before it hits the web. I plan on posting some of the work in progress on my oft neglected Tumblr site.

As for a collected edition of this comic? Maybe someday. There’s a lot of work to be done making the oldest comics fit for print before it can ever see the light of day. In the meantime, if you’re looking to throw some money at me for something in appreciation for like 600 pages of free comics (you don’t have to really)  you can buy some of the T-Shirts I’ve made from either my TeePublic or Redbubble shops. I’ll be adding new work in there from time to time too.

TL DR – Comic’s over. Thanks for Reading.