Mike’s Stupid Comics is written and drawn by the same handsome dude who’s writing this post, Mike Laidman

Born and raised in the wilds of Canada Mike made a website to contain all of his childish drawings featuring his friends from high school. They were stupid comics. Also, they were by Mike. Thus Mike’s Stupid Comics were born.

Starting as a piece of crap Geocities site that was riddled with errors the site evolved over the years into this beauty you find yourself on now. Over the years the site changed as more and more of the original content was stripped away. As a matter of fact, none of the comics created before the website appear on it now.

On Jun 23 2003 the fate of the website changed forever when the first comic designed specifically for the website, and it was called Weekly Stupidity and it was a test for better things to come.

Mike had teamed up with his best friend Trevor to create a webcomic called Webmastas. It was to be drawn by Mike and written by Trevor. To gear himself up for deadlines Mike began Weekly Stupidity to keep up a schedule. Trevor eventually found himself too busy to continue with his end of the script and Webmastas was dead. Urged by friends to continue drawing Weekly Stupidity (presumably because they liked seeing themselves in the comic) Mike soldiered on eventually dropping that moniker and just calling the strip by the name of the website Mike’s Stupid Comics.

Over the years the comic has fluctuated in it’s update frequency. Some years the comic have flourished, but other years (like 2009 in which the site updated a total of 9 times, one of which wasn’t even a comic) have been down right dismal. Even a problem with domain name theft completely crippled the readership. Through it all, after all the problems Mike continues to dust himself off and draw. As long as there’s one person reading, he feels the need to entertain.

Almost all of the main cast of the strip are based on real people who are pretty cool people in real life. I thank them for use of their liknessesses all these years.