Mike is a college art student from Hamilton Ontario. A rather normal guy with an abnormal life. Ex Friends coming back to kill him, evil shirts trying to kill him, Police squads investigating his every move. He just wants to draw and maybe date. Is that too much to ask? Seems to have a problem with turning minor disputes into full-fledged blood feuds

First seen as an elf girl working in Santa’s village, Hannah ran into Mike randomly on the bus. After some communication breakdowns, Hannah finally got into contact with Mike and the two started to be friends. Mike has a thing for her, but has never told her. Hannah is also Dave’s secretary. Awkward!

Mike’s former best friend in High School. Senior year Mike and Dave had a falling out and things since have bad. Using the shirt, Dave played the stock market to get rich. He owns his own company and uses his wealth to destroy everything his former friend holds dear. What a dick.

picThe Evil Shirt
Once Mike’s favorite shirt, discarded by his mother. Somehow the shirt came alive and grew an immense hatred for Mike. Hooking up with Dave the two have joined forces to make Mike’s life hell. Feeds off the life forces of others. Few wearers of the shirt receive increases in intelligence, speed and strength while wearing the shirt. Prolonged contact is necessary.

Trevor has known Mike since the first day of Kindergarten. Moved away when they were kids but they kept in touch. It turns out they ended up going to the same college, and after a few attempts, Trevor convince Mike to move in with him in Oakville.Plays entirely too many MMORPGS.

One of mike’s good friends from high school. Kind hearted, but comes off as apathetic because of his monotonic nature. Rob has moved because of college and doesn’t make it out to events as much as he used to, but still tries. Enjoys the occasional cigar.

Mike’s other good friend from high school, Kris is very sarcastic and realistic. No slouch in the brains department, Kris went to college for a year, dropped out, and is working full-time as an IT guy for Dave’s company, much to Mike’s displeasure. Kris is also responsible for pointing Hannah in Mike’s direction after an odd set of circumstances.

Gummy is a weirdo. A year or two younger than Mike and his group of friends they keep Gummy around for pure entertainment value. Unpredictable and fun, Gummy is also an amateur magician for some reason.


Dave’s chief scientist and apparent world-wide fugitive. Stories of how he lost his eye are numerous and vary, but we’re pretty sure it was an unfortunate pencil accident. May have an agenda of his own. A “Patriotic” person.


Mike’s college classmate and pal. An accomplished artist, Razi (he goes by his nickname around our heroes, rather than his real name Dave for obvious reasons) is trying to be educated as an illustrator. May or may not be a gang member in Toronto.

Introduced to Mike by Gummy, the two quickly became fast friends. There was a question of whether or not Mike liked Andrea, but some misunderstandings between the two killed any romantic possibility. Mike and Andrea recently cleared the air and parted ways.

The Police Inspector in charge of the P.S.S.T. Mike’s only real supporter in the police department., he believes Mike has no control over the shirt’s behavior. Just who are the P.S.S.T.? Read below.

A top-secret task force operating as part of the Hamilton Police Department. The Police Sentient Shirt Task force is out to find the evil shirt and stop it from hurting any other unsuspecting citizens. Known members: Simmons, Lange, Mackinnon.

Jethro is Mike’s best bus friend. The wannabe bike shop owner seems to run into Mike at the most inopportune times, and hasn’t noticed that Mike doesn’t care about what he has to say. Jethro recently was put into a coma by Pierce and Dave in an experiment.

One of Trevor and Mike’s roommates. Cassie came to Sheridan to build a career. An A student since elementary school, Cassie isn’t one to let a social life or other people get in the way of her future plans. Needs to come out of her shell.


picThe Temp
When Dave found himself in need of a secretary a temp agency sent over Ms. Boadwin, an innocently naive bundle of energy. Eventually Dave lets her go and she’s picked up by a certain Police task force.


Random Sales Person Niki
Works at La Senza…and Tim Hortons…and Santa’s Village…and just about everywhere else. The only seen friend of Hannah, Salesperson Niki uses her …ahem …charming demeanor to…sell stuff?

This slab of humanity is Dave’s Bodyguard. Little is known about him other than he’s the size of a house, works for Dave, and picks up all his chicks.

Trevor and Mike’s other roommate. Very polite and loves to have fun. A drama brat. Also enjoys horseback riding and long walks on the beach…. okay just horse back riding…
What can we say about Dougee? This under-age drinking wonder, always managed to end up at the same party as Mike. The last time they met Mike almost tore out his arm, will we see Dougee again?