Following the misadventures of Mike and his friends, a group of ragtag Canadian youths. Mike’s former friend Dave hates Mike based off of some past experience which has yet to be revealed, and is trying to kill him and destroy his life. Dave has joined forces with an old shirt of Mike’s which somehow has gained sentience and goes around sucking the life out of innocent folks. The police are after the shirt and think Mike’s involved. Meanwhile, Mike’s just trying to live a normal life with school and video games. Mike spent a good amount of time tracking down a girl named Hannah whom he has a thing for. Whether or not he tells her, well… we’ll see.

What follows is a summary of the plot so far intended for refreshers to longtime readers or as an introduction for new readers who want to just jump in. Spoilers obviously.

Chapter Zero
 After some daily life shenanigans with friends Rob, Kris, and Gummy, Mike goes to college. While there he spends time with his oldest friend Trevor and meets a new one, Razi. A shirt Mike wore to much is thrown out by his mother because it has become so disgusting it’s now alive. Mike spends some time Christmas shopping with Gummy and meets a girl when he’s forced to become a mall Santa for a day. After attending a New Year’s Eve party with a host of his high school friends Mike looks forward to the future. The future holds a change in art style apparently.

Chapter One
After a particularly crappy day at school, Mike ends up running into the girl who was dressed as an elf from the mall on the bus. After hitting it off they’re separated by a fat slob of a man named Jethro who prevents Mike from learning Hannah’s name before she leaves. Mike and Rob head to a party to meet Gummy and are saddened to learn they’re the oldest there by far. Gummy introduces them to his friend Andrea and she makes an impression on Mike. Gummy gets drunk and wanders out into the street to pee and is kidnapped by an unseen assailant.  The rest of the group searches for him and tracks him to an abandoned warehouse where they find Gummy strung up by his captor. The captor turns out to be the living shirt Mike’s Mom threw out. After taunting Mike, the shirt is weakened by fire and escapes just as the police arrive. Mike meets Collins, an officer of P.S.S.T. (the Police Sentient Shirt Taskforce) and is told they are watching him and tracking the shirt who’s been attacking people. Trevor is told he needs to find a new room mate in Oakville.

Chapter Two
Kris and Gummy are at the mall when Gummy runs afoul of a girl working at the mall. The girl turns out to be friends with The girl who was dressed as an elf.  She tracks down Gummy and asks her to give her contact info to Mike but Gummy misunderstands and gives the info to Kris. Mike is hanging out with Andrea when Trevor calls him up to invite him out to talk.  Wanting to include her in his plans they arrange a meet up at a club in town with Gummy and Rob in tow. Trevor invites Mike to move to Oakville with him.  Suddenly they are invited up to the VIP lounge by an unknown party who turns out to be Dave, a former high school friend who Mike had a falling out with. After getting mad and storming out Mike gets drunk and yells at Andrea who was only trying to help him. On his way home he meets up with Jethro on the bus again and drunkenly reams him out for screwing things up with the girl the last time they met.  Meanwhile, Kris gives the girl the correct contact info and she contacts Mike telling him her name is Hannah and she’d like to meet up.  Dave gives Kris a job. After Kris leaves the Shirt arrives and reveals he’s working with Dave and his scientist Pierce to destroy Mike’s life.

Chapter Three
While hanging out Rob grills Mike about his feelings for Andrea. Kris gets promoted to a highly secret division of Dave’s company on his first day.  Razi and Trevor join Mike for a party in Rob’s “Hanger” party space.  Andrea is already there with her new boyfriend. Razi and Mike talk about the possibilty of Mike moving to Oakville. Trevor insists on an answer about Mike moving in with him by the end of the night. While catching up with Kris, Mike learns he works for Dave and the two argue. Mike brings a girl to the bathroom and gets in a scuffle with a drunken teenager named Dougee. Andrea’s boyfriend upsets her and she drinks too much afterwards. She gets irritated with Mike and they get in a fight regarding his feelings for her. Hannah calls but Mike misses the call because of the fight and Andrea storms off infurriated. Mike decides to Move to Oakville with Trevor. Dave tasks Pierce with arranging his new secretary’s badge. It’s Hannah!

Chapter Four
Mike moves in with Trevor and his roomates including Cassie, who’s not the most pleasent person. Hannah calls Mike learning he lives in Oakville now and comes over to hang out. Trevor suggests they go paintballing with Rob. Hannah as turns out has some paintball experience and Trevor convinces her that Mike (who has never played) is as good as any professional player. The PSST team is also playing on the same field and officer Simmons, who thinks Mike knows more about the shirt than he lets on decides to play hard against Mike. In another coincidence, The Shirt shows up to play as well and posesses one of the players. During the game Simmons hunts Mike, but the shirt injures him and implys that the shirt has an alliance with Mike to make the police not trust Mike. When the Shirt finds Mike they brawl and Mike gains the upper hand using fire, dmaging the Shirt who then escapes. The next day, Hannah starts her job as Dave’s secretary. Kris is in a meeting with Dave when the Shirt arrives, and Kris is shocked at the reveal of a living breathing Shirt that hates Mike.

Chapter Five
Pierce tests his formula on Jethro who goes into a coma proving it’s still not ready. Dave and Pierce decide the way to move things forward is to go to the source of the formula which is Mike. Meanwhile, Trevor throws a party for Mike because he’s finally moved in. At the party, Andrea makes an appearance and tells Mike to go after Hannah and leaves.  Feeling Mike wasn’t having a good time Hannah suggests they leave the party and go for a walk. Finally deciding to make his make his move, Mike kisses Hannah which sends her away to think as she no longer harbors feelings for him. While walking home Mike runs into Dougee and his friends who are in town because Trevor accidentally invited them to the party.  Although trying to not get involved Mike finds himself in a losing battle with Dougee and his pals. Mike is rescued by a strange girl who turned out to be the shirt in disguise.  Mike is then abducted by the Dave and Pierce.

Chapter Six
As it is still ongoing, a synopsis of this chapter will come at a later date.

This hasn’t happened at all yet. To tell you’d be dumb.